A Letter to the Editor - Opportunities for the Discovery Centre

A Letter to the Editor - Opportunities for the Discovery Centre

We are writing to express our strong support for the ongoing operation of the Bendigo Discovery Science and Technology Centre.

With our  engineering and science backgrounds we just love that this facility exists in Bendigo.  It’s a great community asset that provides easily accessible, fun, engaging learning experiences in science and technology.

The Discovery Centre is important for our region and needed. 

In an ever changing world with emerging challenges and evolving technologies, the jobs of the future are unknown. Young people need to be equipped with creative thinking and problem solving skills. The Discovery Centre provides these skills.

Perhaps what has happened is a good thing.  Perhaps this gives the community the opportunity to speak up about the value that this centre provides and play a role in it’s reinvigoration. 

We think it is time for local and state government and individuals that are passionate about it to work together to not only keep it going but to recreate it as a centre of excellence for science, technology and creativity for young people across regional Victoria. 

After all, Bendigo is setting itself up to be the most liveable regional city in Australia. Why wouldn’t it have a state of the art science education and creative thinking centre amongst it’s assets?

The possibilities for this centre are endless. All that is needed is some passionate committed people willing to contribute to it’s management and a relatively small amount of local and state government investment. This will keep the doors open in the short term and enable a longer term plan of reinvigoration and financial sustainability to be developed and implemented over time. 

What is critical is that the Centre be given some more time to work through this process.

So what are we waiting for? Let’s jump on board and be a part of this new phase for Bendigo!  We’ll be attending the public meeting at the Discovery Centre midday on Tuesday. Come and join us and be part of the solution.

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