The Art Road Show

The Art Road Show

Four things I love doing are:

1. Assisting and supporting people who are creating amazing projects in the community.

2. Creating great changemaking projects myself.

3. Setting up financially sustainable solutions for social enterprises.

4. Building collaboration between changemaking initiatives.

Well, this month I was able to combine these four activities into one hugely fun expedition - an arts roadshow in Central Victoria with Pop Up Art (an arts social enterprise I've been assisting with founder Sharon Seyd) to buy local art for Stay Social (a new accommodation social venture I'm setting up with my husband Chris).

You can read the full media release here, but basically Sharon and I have been visiting local artists and galleries purchasing art for the "Living Gallery" at Stay Social. And boy have we been having fun! It's been a real arts appreciation learning curve for me. Until working with Pop Up Art I never fully appreciated art, and in particular local art. On this journey I have meet the artists who have put their heart and soul into their work.  Discovered amazing talent in our region.

It is fulfilling to have a project that invests into and showcases our local art works and, I hope, encourages more people to do the same. My eyes are now wide open to the creativity in our region and the potential to grow the creative industry. I've also enjoyed assisting Pop Up Art set up a service and a process that can be offered to other businesses / spaces too. Building collaboration between the two enterprises Pop Up Art and Stay Social has been a dream come true!

Caspa Gallery, Castlemaine
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